The Record-Setting Market Is Over. Here’s Why You Should Invest In Real Estate.

The bull market is over. For over 11 years we watched a stock market rise over 500% in value, evolving into the strongest bull market of all time. But like all bull markets, it came to an end. As we enter a bear market that seems to get worse by the day, where does this leave investors? Where does this leave you?

Maybe you’ve been cruising along, enjoying the past decade of historic gains and the recent volatility has made you reconsider your investment strategy. What if you could find an investment that provided a predictable cash flow, leveraging opportunities, and was shielded from the volatility an unpredictable news cycle brings to a fickle market. Much less a virus…

Real estate has been a trusted and reliable asset that has brought stability to investors during tumultuous times. Whether an investor has $40,000 or $40,000,000, the right property can diversify and protect a portfolio in a way a new stock or mutual fund simply cannot.

Tangible asset – Real Estate is a tangible asset that can be a safe and reliable option to diversify a portfolio. When financial times become uncertain and the stock market begins to tumble, real estate can be a safe investment that provides peace of mind to anchor an investment plan.

Leverage –  Real Estate investments give you the option to take existing equity and leverage it for new properties, making you more money. This tactic has proved extremely lucrative for countless Americans who took one property and turned it into multiple. Leveraging allows you the nimbleness to strike when an opportunity presents itself.

Cash flow – The right piece of real estate can provide a reliable cash flow and overtime will appreciate in value. This means that in addition to owning the property, you can generating revenue that exceeds your expense on the property, as it’s value increases. Income from commercial real estate can range depending on the property but has proven to an valuable benefit for savvy investors.

Peace of mind – As of this writing (3/20) the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 30% in the past month. The S&P is down 27% and many major companies in industries such as oil, transportation, and banking are down at least 40%. Just look at British Petroleum, Delta Airlines and Bank of America. Real estate offers a peace of mind that only a stable, tangible asset can bring.

Apolitical. On top of the Coronavirus, we are also in an election year. Prediction markets have the Presidential race at a virtual tie which translates to increased instability; the one thing markets despise the most. Unless a Socialist is elected and your property is taken from you, real estate doesn’t care who gets elected. It appreciates during Republican and Democratic administrations.

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